TurboJet Max II- Bronze Package – Call Us For Your Pricing!

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Included in this Package:

TurboJet Max II
SKU: FG0064

25 ft Light Duty Mylar Hose and two Velcro Straps (Included)
SKU: FG0013

Pogo Pole Hose Adapter (12”)
SKU: FG0038

Forward & Reverse Air Whisk (Compressor will be needed for operation we recommend using: 2HP 125 PSI 6 CFM)
SKU: FG0015

Max II Single Tank Fogger
SKU: FG0186

Chemical Multi Pack (1 Gal. of ea. Odor Kill, EnviroCon, Dynamite, Soot Set)

Foam Register Plugs – 14 pcs./pkg.
SKU: FG0050