Chemical Multi Pack


1 Gallon of Soot Set

1 Gallon of Ultra Odor Kill

1 Gallon EnviroCON 

32oz of Coil Brite II

32oz of Dynamite

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Soot set is a non-toxic and non-flammable formulation developed as an air duct adhesive based on the shrink properties of a unique water-soluble polymer. A new type of fire inhibiting agent, containing aluminum, has been coupled to the polymer molecule to provide the safest to use material possible.  The product is dispersed by fine fog aerosol into air ducts after source removal. The dried, residual lining in all of the ducts resists blow out of material impossible to remove during the source removal step. Soot Set can be diluted at 1 part Soot Set to 9 parts water for heavy soiling, or 1:19 with water for light soiling making it very cost effective.

Ultra Odor Kill is a high performance concentrate material, especially formulated to deal with problem odors. Odor Kill can be saturated into any porous material, natural or synthetic, and evaporated into odorous air to cause air-freshening effects. If evaporated, the total effect is lending a fresh fragrance to stale air, and killing lingering odors. For general odor removal, dilute 1 part Odor Kill with 3 parts water. This product has a light fresh scent.

EnviroCON is a Bacteriostat, Fungistat and Deodorizer. This product is EPA-registered for use in HVAC systems. EnviroCon is highly-effective in eliminating odor-causing microorganisms as well as those associated with mold, mildew and bacterial growth. An enhanced benefit of EnviroCon is its low toxicity and safety rating from the EPA. As a result, EnviroCon may be used in occupied spaces. It does not use any environmentally damaging propellants or flammable ingredients.

Dynamite is a heavy-duty super strength concentrate cleaner, specifically designed for cleaning vents, registers and air ducts. This product will work very effectively on all washable surfaces. Comes in a ready to use 32oz spray bottle.

Coil Brite II is a ready to use non-acid cleaner for aluminum coils and fins in heating and air conditioning systems. A light spray of this product on the coils or fins will give them a thorough cleaning.  For heavily soiled coils, more than one application may be required with rinsing in between applications. Comes in a ready to use 32oz spray bottle.

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Weight 32.65 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in